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Acrylic course

The course is designed for 6 lessons of 2.5-3 hours.

Classes will be held on Tuesdays once a week, no special preparation is needed, suitable for both beginners and people with basic skills.

Course program:

Lesson 1: tools.
Analysis of color, how to enhance the perception of an object, how to bring an object closer or further away using shade.
Drawing fruits using impasto technique
Lesson 2: technique using underpainting.

Drawing elements of the city
Lesson 3: analysis of perspective in landscape.

Color rendering in perspective. We draw a landscape or a cityscape to choose from
4 lesson. We learn how to determine proportions and find shapes.

Draw an animal or bird of your choice
Lesson 5 How to determine the proportions of a person and the position of the silhouette in the picture.

How to choose shades to convey body color. Drawing a person in silhouettes
Lesson 6 Free theme


In the classes you will receive:

• New knowledge and skills

• Teacher explanation and support

• Nice talking

• Cozy atmosphere 

• Tea, coffee, wine

• Materials for classes 

• Your unique creations!

A course for everyone who wants

- Learn the basics of working with acrylics
- Learn to mix paints and use different brushes
- Paint 6 paintings
- Master the methodology of working: from sketch to final strokes
- Spend time usefully
- See if you want to learn more about acrylic painting

Start of course 19 March

Classes will be held on Tue at 18:30

Course cost 1100 zl (payment is possible in installments), 1040 zl when paying in one payment

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Course teacher

Marina Solvieva

My story is a journey of passion for art, which began with lessons at the Kyiv Academy of Arts, and continued through various travels and experiments.

My goal is not just to teach you acrylic techniques, but also to inspire your creativity, reveal your talent and help you find your unique style. Together we will explore the endless possibilities of acrylic, play with color and shape, and create works of art that will reflect your uniqueness and individuality.

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