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Children's course

Fine art improves the senses, develops thinking, the ability to observe, analyze, remember and contributes to the formation of a harmoniously developed personality.
The course is designed for children who want and love to draw.
The main principle of working with children is follow the child. We try to develop in students curiosity, imagination, fantasy, inspiration to study the world around them, and convey their emotions through drawing.

The course is designed for 3 blocks of 8 lessons, each block lasts a month

Block 1 "Drawing Basics for Kids»

(8 lessons)
Acrylic, gouache.
1. Landscape with camels made in warm colors.
2. Landscape with birches, made in cool colors.
3. Zebra. Creating the texture of blades of grass and plants.
4. Cactus plantation. A huge number of green shades.
5. Let's go into space.
6. Let's go down to the seabed. Huge blue whale.
7. Learn to draw animal fur. Panda.
8. Lighthouse. Interesting color transitions.

Block 2 “Funny Stamps”
(8 lessons)
We use different materials to create the painting: cotton swabs, sponge, plastic fork, potatoes
1. An elegant bouquet of flowers in a vase.
2. Red kitten.
3. Firebird.
4. Little elephant.
5. The turtle family.
6. A vivid scene from sea life.
7. Fluffy lamb.
8. Brick house surrounded by flowering bushes

Block 3 "Young illustrator"
(8 lessons)
Acrylic, gouache, oil pastel.
Let's get acquainted with fairy tales and draw our own illustrations.

1. The fairy tale "Puss in Boots" by Ch. Perrault.
2. Poems. S. Marshak "Giraffe".
3. R. Kipling’s fairy tale “Where does a rhinoceros get such a skin?”
4. Fairy tale "The Fox and the Hare".
5. Poems. S. Marshak "Where the sparrow dined."
6. Fairy tale by Ch. Perrault “Little Red Riding Hood”.
7. I.Fekete. "Little Fox Vuk"
8. H. Show "The Unicorn of the Naughty Princess."

Course starts at the end of March

Classes will be held on Sat and Sun at 11:30

1 block - start March 30

Block 2 - start April 27

Block 3 - start May 25

Course fee:

1 block (8 lessons) - 600 zł 

2 blocks (16 lessons) - 1120 zł 

All 3 blocks (24 lessons) -1560zł

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Course teacher

Zhanna Kukhto

Zhanna is not just a teacher, she is a true magician who can inspire and win the hearts of children at any age. 

Her students not only achieve prizes in international competitions, but also fall in love with the world of art.

Teaching experience 15 years

Art studio teacher. Art critic.

Photos from children's courses:

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