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Children's course

Welcome to the exciting art history course for children aged 8 to 13!

In this comprehensive hands-on course, we will delve into the fascinating world of art history, ranging from Ancient times to the beginning of the 20th century. Children will learn about interesting periods in the development of art and become familiar with its theory and practice.

Each lesson will feature a rich narrative about a significant period in the development of art. Then, we will immediately move on to an exciting practical task to help reinforce the material learned. In total, there will be 14 engaging projects where children can express their creativity and artistic potential.

Visual art enhances sensory organs, develops thinking, observation skills, analysis, memory, and contributes to the formation of a harmoniously developed personality.

The main principle of working with children is to follow the child. We strive to develop curiosity, imagination, fantasy, and inspiration in our students to explore the world around them and express their emotions through drawing.

The course is designed for 14 sessions:

  1. Cave painting.

  2. Ancient Greece. Amphora.

  3. Egyptian culture. Papyrus.

  4. Chinese painting. Rooster.

  5. Byzantine art. Mosaic.

  6. Art of Ancient times. Stained glass.

  7. Renaissance era. Leonardo da Vinci. Flying machine.

  8. Albrecht Dürer. Hare.

  9. Baroque style. Caravaggio. Still life "Basket with fruits".

  10. Art Nouveau style. Alphonse Mucha.

  11. Impressionism. Claude Monet "Field with poppies".

  12. Post-Impressionism. Van Gogh "Sunflowers".

  13. Suprematism. Kazimir Malevich. Collage "Bull".

  14. Pablo Picasso. Collage "Still life".

The course starts on June 08.

Classes will be held on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30.

Address: Stalowa 36/33

Course cost (14 lessons) - 1150 zł, payment in installments is possible.

Course cost (7 lessons) - 600 zł

Course cost (4 lessons) - 360 zł

First trial session: only 50 zł

Single session: 100 zł

Course teacher

Zhanna Kukhta

Zhanna is not just a teacher, she is a true magician who can inspire and win the hearts of children at any age.

Her students not only achieve prizes in international competitions, but also fall in love with the world of art.

Teaching experience 15 years

Art studio teacher. Art critic.

Photos from children's courses:

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