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Watercolor basics

Airiness, lightness, subtle transitions, hundreds of barely noticeable color nuances and halftones. Watercolor painting captures the imagination with its mysterious romance and gives space for flights of fancy.

The program was created by a professional artist and will allow you to learn to draw from scratch or develop existing skills. 

The watercolor course will provide all the necessary information about paints, techniques and effects. You will learn how and with what to combine watercolors correctly, and from the very first lessons you will be able to create your own unique works.

Each lesson is devoted to a separate topic, making it easier for you to find your style and choose a direction for further development.

🔻Classes will be held on Wed at 18:30 from October 18
📍 Address: Stalowa 36 (3 min metro Szwedzka)
🎨 All materials are included in the price

6 lessons - 760 zł (payment possible in installments)


Course program:

  • Familiarity with the material and techniques. Color wheel. "Maple Leaf"

  • Shape and Volume. Food illustration: “Boletus”

  • Space and tone. Landscape: “House in the Mountains”

  • Color combinations and mixtures. Volume of complex shapes. "Apple pie"

  • Glass texture: “Glass of mulled wine”

  • Graduation lesson: “Pumpkin”

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