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Course "Pastel Fundamentals"

The course consists of 6 sessions, each lasting 2.5-3 hours.

Classes will be held on Wednesdays once a week. No special preparation is required; the course is suitable for both beginners and those with basic skills.

Course Program:

  1. Ripe Pears. Still life.

Learn to depict the volume of objects using light and shadow, show the texture on the surface of the pear, work on dry leaves and the stem.

   2. Seashore. Seascape.

Learn to depict the transparency of water, the ability to reflect objects, waves, voluminous clouds in the sky.

  3. Botanical drawing of an iris flower.

The volume of the flower, the surface of the petals, the center, and buds.

  4. Animalistic genre. Fox cub.

Depict this beautiful animal against a black background, work on the fur, show the gleam in the eyes, accurately reflect the proportions.

  5. Modern urban landscape.

The dynamism of skyscrapers, laws of perspective, the horizon line.

  6. Still life.

Learn to skillfully compose several objects in the format, light and shadow, falling shadow, glass texture.


Thorough course on working with dry pastel. You will learn about the features of working with this amazing material and the creative possibilities it opens up. Pastel is an amazing material, somewhere on the border between painting and graphics.

On the one hand, dry pastel, due to its physical properties, is closest to graphic materials: charcoal, sanguine, sepia, and chalk. But, on the other hand, it has truly huge painting potential thanks to its rich palette and the ability to work with the most subtle and complex shades of color.

It is perfect for animalistic art: with pastel, you can show iridescence on scales or feathers, soft fur, and glossy surfaces of beaks and claws. And, of course, dry pastel is excellent for creating still lifes and landscapes!

Course starts on April 17th.

Classes will be held on Wednesdays at 18:30.

Course fee: 760 zl (payment is possible in installments), 690 zl when paid in one installment.

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Course teacher

Zhanna Kukhto

I invite you to go on an exciting journey through the world of pastel with me.

My education and experience in the field of art allows me to be not only a teacher, but also a mentor who helps you unleash your creative potential.

Our classes will be full of inspiration, creativity and new discoveries. We will create not just works of art, but small masterpieces that will reflect your uniqueness and individuality.

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