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26.04 at 18:30  workshop on making bento cakes

In 2-3 hours you can assemble your first BENTO CAKE and decorate it as you wish

Bento cake is an edible card, weighing 400-450 grams, for 2 people, which is now the most trendy dessert.

You will assemble a cake, and such that it will be juicy and hold its shape well. And, most importantly, you can decorate it yourself and make cool inscriptions, everything is limited only by your imagination. And the tools will be enough!

Cake flavor:

  • vanilla sponge cake

  • cream cheese based cream

  • berry jam

For a more immersive experience, we offer wine, coffee, tea and sweets

⏰Duration up to 3 hours

📍Address Stalowa 36/33

🔻The cost of the master class is 190 zł  

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