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Try your hand at something new that you've never done before

Perhaps you'll get a new hobby, or perhaps it's just a relevant break that will become a habit. By gaining new knowledge and experiences - your life becomes more colourful and full of meaning.

Why come to the workshop?

Schedule of workshops

You want to get away from routine and heavy thoughts

Want to discover new talents and learn something new

You miss socialising and want to meet new people

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Fill in the form and sign up for a workshop

painting studio in Warsaw

Thank you, we will contact you shortly

Студия фото

Our studio:

The bright, spacious interiors of our studio are as comfortable as possible for classes at any time.

Still have doubts?

Look at the work of our students from the workshops. They didn't even think they could do that.


Our contacts:


Stalowa 36, Warszawa

(4 min from metro Szwedzka)

+48 516 087 183

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