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Introduction to oil painting

We are pleased to announce a new exciting course in oil painting! 

 In 6 lessons you can learn how to create beautiful works in various styles and directions: from abstraction to landscapes, still lifes and even portraits. There will also be 2 classes where you will be able to paint complex paintings of your choice, using a variety of techniques.

 Our experienced teacher will help you master the basic techniques and secrets of oil painting, give useful advice on composition and color scheme, so that your work becomes a real work of art.

The course is designed for 6 lessons of 3 hours each.

Classes will be held on Tue once a week, no special preparation is needed, the course is created for people without experience in oil painting or even drawing in general. 

Course program:

  • Abstraction:

Introduction to materials and tools for working with oil. Features of the technique

  • Scenery

Working with color, transition/overlaying material, working with perspective, working with the “underlay” technique

  • Still life

Working with technique on dry canvas, glass, flowers, food (to choose from)

  • Head, silhouette

Working with proportions, studying the rendering of silhouettes in color

  • Free theme (We draw a complex picture to choose from, use various techniques) - 2 lessons

In the classes you will receive:

• New knowledge and skills

• Teacher explanation and support

• Nice talking

• Cozy atmosphere 

• Tea, coffee, wine

• Materials for the lesson 

• Your unique creations!

A course for everyone who wants

- Learn the basics of working with oil
- Learn to mix paints, use different brushes and palette knives
- Paint 5 pictures
- Master the methodology of working: from sketch to final strokes
- Spend time usefully
- See if you want to learn more about oil painting

The course will start on May 21st.

Classes will take place on Tuesdays at 18:30.

Course cost 1100 zl  (payment possible in installments), 1050 zł  - when paying in one payment

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