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Children's course

Fine art improves the senses, develops thinking, the ability to observe, analyze, memorize and contributes to the formation of a harmoniously developed personality.
The course is designed for children who want and love to draw.
The main principle of working with children is to follow the child. We try to develop in students curiosity, imagination, fantasy, inspiration to explore the world around us, to convey their emotions through drawing.

The course is designed for 4 blocks of 5 lessons:

Block 1 "Graphics"
(5 lessons)
Acquaintance with the world of graphics and basic graphic techniques.

1 - graphic stylized still life (watercolor).

Decorative stylization is most fully manifested in decorative and monumental-decorative art: in interior design, monumental painting, mosaic, fresco, stained glass.
2 - creating your own ornament, finished graphic work (colored pencils and
whether felt-tip pens)
3 - creative work "Wish Tree" (pencils and colored pencils)
4 - creative work - collage "Animals and birds of the middle zone", "Portrait of an animal" (watercolor and wax crayons)
5 - graphic work "Landscape in decorative technique" (wax crayons, watercolor)

Block 2 "Bright colors"
(5 lessons)
Work with paints (watercolor or gouache), felt-tip pens and colored pencils.

1 - creative work "Flower Glade": we study the basics of color science
2 - creative work "In the blue sky ..": we study the tonal stretching with watercolors
3 - work with felt-tip pens "Urban sketch": we develop the ability to analyze the form
4 - creative work "Proud Mountains": studying aerial perspective
5 - creative work "In the underwater world"

Unit 3 "Learning from the greats"
(5 lessons)
Acquaintance with famous artists and their works, creating drawings in different genres and techniques.

1- mastering the genres of fine arts in different techniques
2 - learning to convey space
3 - we develop color perception, get acquainted with the basics of coloring
4, 5 - finished work: a reproduction of one of the famous paintings.

Block 4  "Wonders of the World"

(5 lessons)

Acquaintance with the most interesting thing that attracts all people on our planet.

1 - Egypt. Pyramids. Sphinx. Pharaohs (tonal paper, pastel).
2 - China. The great Wall of China. Birds, lanterns   (white liner,   black paper).
3 - Japan. Engraving. What is engraving, what is depicted  on Japanese engravings, (watercolor, watercolor paper).
4 - Mexico. Indian masks. Indian mythology, draw interesting masks (gouache).
5 - Spain. Gaudi stained glass, what is a stained glass window, we create our own stained glass window, (markers, felt-tip pens).

Course start April 29

Classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday at 11:30

1 block - start April 29

2 block - start May 14

3 block - start on June 3

Block 4 - start June 18

You can join any block and any activity in the course.

Course cost:

1 block (5 lessons) - 350 zł 

2 blocks (10 lessons) - 650 zł 

All 4 blocks (20 lessons) -1200 zł

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