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Botanical watercolor illustration

We invite you to a fascinating course in watercolor botany, where you can immerse yourself in the world of art and nature! Together we will create magnificent watercolor paintings that will fill your life with bright colors and the joy of creativity. Whatever your skill level, we are confident that you will find this course a fun and rewarding experience.

The program was created by a professional artist and will allow you to learn to draw from scratch or develop existing skills.

Course program:

1. Plantain
* Getting acquainted with materials (watercolor paints, brushes, palette).
* Learning to build a composition on a sheet of paper.
* Trying to make gradients and glazes.
* We create the composition “Plantain”.
2. Bird of paradise plant
* Let's get acquainted with warmth and coldness in composition.
* We study the structure of flowers and leaves.
* Trying to mix complex colors.
* Create the composition “Bird of Paradise Plant”.
3. Raspberry
* We are trying to complicate the composition.
* Learning to work with plans.
* We study the structure of insects.
* We create the composition “Malinka”.
4. Iris
* We analyze complex color combinations.
* Let's learn about subsurface scattering.
* Create the composition “Iris”.
5. Rose
* Learning to build a complex bud.
* We work with falling and own shadows.
* Create the composition “Rose”.
6. Sunflower
* Improving the skill of working with volume.
* We work with the transfer of lighting.
* Create the composition “Sunflower”.

Course starts on July 3

Classes will be held on Wed at 18:30

Course cost - 690zł - if paid in 1 payment

Course cost - 760zł - can be divided into 2 payments

If you miss a class, you can work it out at any watercolor master class from the schedule

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Course teacher

Margarita Kazerskaya

In my professional journey, I combined two passions - love for nature and art. I have always been inspired by the natural beauty of plants and their grace, which led me to study watercolor botany. Since then, the brush and paints have become my faithful companions.

Inspired by nature, I strive to convey this inspiring energy to my students. With an art teaching background and over five years of teaching experience, my goal is to not only impart knowledge, but also inspire students to be creative and express themselves through the art of watercolor botany.

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