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06.07 at 18:00 workshop on creating collages

Friends, have you ever felt like you are stuck in one place, dreaming of something more? What if we told you that there is a way to get inspired and make your desires come true?

We invite you to our workshop on creating collages!

Remember how, as a child, you leafed through your mother's magazines, dreaming about princes and princesses. Now you have the opportunity to turn these dreams into a unique collage, accompanied by a glass of delicious wine.

Cut, tear, glue is a fun activity that will help you visualize your goals and inspire you to achieve them.

​Or maybe your collage will become a real decoration for your home, reminding you of important things every day? Put a piece of yourself and your story into it

⏰Duration 2 hours

📍Address Stalowa 36

🔻The cost of the master class is 130 zł

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